D2 tool steel is specifically engineered to survive a beating and that’s what this blade is capable of doing. If you don’t have a good sharpener, I recommend you buy one alongside your purchase as you will undoubtedly need one. Precision work at the tip feels clunky and the whole package feels too petite for hard use. This program is designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. The Fact would be an excellent and easy to carry self-defense knife that has incredible utility value, close to that of a solid EDC knife. Total Weight: 3.52 ounces. Usually, locking mechanisms are good for around 50 to 100lbs of pressure but Benchmade, of course, took things many steps further and now their absolute minimum lock strength on any AXIS equipped knife is 200lbs, with most of their knives exceeding that. That interesting texture you see near the spine of the blade is simply laser-etched tacticoolness to help you open it up if you do happen to feel like neglecting the giant hole since it was originally designed to be a two-handed manual opener. The gut hook is exceptionally sharp and perfectly angled so that it slides right through skin and hair like you’re slicing paper. I won’t lie to you, these aren’t exactly the saw-teeth you’d want for camping or outdoor use, but they will cause wounds that a normal drop-point would never be able to cause, ensuring your assailant is immobilized and you are free to carry on. Lastly, this knife doesn’t come with the typical Benchmade technologies we have come to know and love. It checks all the boxes for an excellent EDC knife by utilizing high quality long lasting S30V steel, a drop-point that is technically a bit modified as it has a slight recurve within its belly, and your choice of either a sealed woodgrain finish or the ever so popular G10 handles. This knife is made to deploy when you really need it most, as opposed to being abused on the daily, so it makes sense why they swapped out S30V for 3V instead. Blade Composition: CPM-3V 00 Benchmade - 940 EDC Manual Open Folding, Made in USA, Reverse Tanto Blade Knife 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,218 Handle Composition: Skeletonized 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Total Weight: 4.51 ounces. Blade Composition: CPM S30V Total Length: 8.25” Like a ragtag baseball team or a really good movie with a great director and cast, the Bugout is truly greater than the sum of its parts. These are among the strongest blades Benchmade makes and so long as you’re up to the task of taking care of them, they will perform excellently and will provide you with best-in-class usage and longevity. Blade Length: 4.5” OTF knives are pretty cool and Benchmade does a fantastic job designing them, however, I think the Infidel shines best as a true fixed blade as the very nature of the blade is based on combat and tactical usage. Total Weight: 7.2 Ounces. Total Weight: 5.81 ounces. Personally, the Mini Bugout gets the nod over the Mini Griptilian. Check out our video below with Ben, Zac, and the infamous Hans as they analyze the best Benchmade EDC knives money can buy! Simply apply pressure to the thumb stud and boom, the blade flips into place almost effortlessly. Estimated Price: Around $400 Depending on Availability, Blade Style: Drop-Point Handle Composition: Textured G10 Updated by Blade HQ Staff Writer Logan Rainey on 08/10/2020, Written by Blade HQ Staff Writer Andrew Hamilton on 6/5/2019. Flytanium has found a fix for this. $200 for probably the best spear-point assisted folder consisting of CPM-S30V steel is actually a pretty good deal if you really enjoy this type of thing. Benchmade has some beautiful and highly functional blades that cost $500 or more, but I would be worried about carrying and losing an EDC that expensive, so for me, the Bugout or Griptilian makes a lot more sense for an EDC. The thinner spine near the tip on the reverse-tanto allows for quicker and more nimble cutting through tight spaces and thus makes this knife extremely versatile for precise tasks like carpentry, woodwork, etc. What You Should Know About Benchmade’s Lifesharp Program, Mini Bugout 533 a look as well which can be found here, Check out the beautifully crafted hand-built Damasteel Foray here, check out the Mini Freek found at this link here, Check out the Barrage that went on a diet here at this link, 15085-2 Mini Crooked River a look here at this link, Benchmade 15080BK Crooked River Gold Class, double-sided spear-point can be found here, For example, the Benchmade Bugout 535-191 Gold Class edition, Benchmade’s Gold Class custom built blades here, Best Knife Steels and How to Choose The Right Type (with Comparison Charts), 18 Best Throwing Knives in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide), 23 Best Tactical Backpacks in 2020 (All Price Ranges), 22 Best Tactical Pens in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide), 34 Best Fixed Blade Knives in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide). Big savings. The Tanto is specifically designed to be extremely lethal as its point is among the strongest of all blade shapes, giving it superior penetration and stabbing capabilities while also hosting a sharp and straight belly for slashing. Overall, I really like the ergonomics on the Benchmade Bugout. Best deals. All Rights Reserved, Lightweight, practical blade, decent spec, solid warranty, A little pricey, handle may appear cheap to some. Total Weight: 11.74 ounces. The Adamas is certainly no knife for a beginner, however, to a trained fighter or someone looking for an ominous way to defend themselves, the Adamas is a strong go-to. It’s heavy, it’s long, it’s deadly, it’s the ferocious Nimravus. I’ve seen that before. How does it stack up to the classics like the 940 and Griptilian? I’ve been singing praises of the Bugout this whole review, but here’s where the real criticism begins. The real reason for such a high score in this category, is the budding mod community for the Benchmade Bugout. The CF-Elite Bugout is a full-sized Bugout with upgraded handle scales made with a new carbon fiber infused polymer. If you just want one knife and one knife only that exudes quality and is as versatile as it gets, the Benchmade Turret should be at the top of your list. One cycle of opening and closing per second is easy to achieve with the Benchmade Bugout. Its high-performance CPM-S30V blade sports a partial swedge to provide a finer point, and comes fitted with blue anodized dual thumb studs for easy one-handed operation. Benchmade 535 Bugout AXIS Folding Knife 3.24" S30V Satin Plain Blade, Blue Grivory Handles The Bugout was designed for the modern outdoor adventurer, incorporating the lightest, best performing materials in an extremely slim, yet ergonomic package. Typically, I wouldn’t ever recommend something like this to someone new to handling knives but this little kit is an excellent way to introduce a dagger style knife for self-defense. He started this website while transitioning out of the Marines, and since has recruited several other Marines to help him work on the Marine Approved website. This puts the tang of the blade between the steel stopping pin and the AXIS spring-loaded bar, ensuring it’s fully locked and isn’t able to retract in any manner under any usage without using the thumb button to move the tensioner bar out of the way. The clip is textured just like the single-piece body of the Anthem which is a very nice touch, something I’d expect from paying this much but despite the price, it still feels over the top and like they really took notice of the small details. Benchmade Mini Bugout Review – Final Thoughts. I think it’s a winner. My Review: This knife is hard to use, not because it’s not versatile or strong but because it’s so dang beautiful! We’ve talked about super simplistic knives earlier on in this guide and I think I’ve hit home some solid models for those of you who don’t need extra goodies. Blade Style: Drop-Point Aside from the somewhat unique blade shape approach, Benchmade has managed to offer you a 3.4” blade in a package that weighs less than 3 ounces and yet still manages to offer an excellent grip and a heavy-hitting S30V steel blade. I really prefer OD Green… I need a knife with a strong aftermarket mod community. It’s my mountain bike short knife. These are among the safest and most reliable locking mechanisms found in folding knives on the market thus far. Any outdoor memories you plan to make should include this knife and hey, perhaps those memories can be passed down through generations alongside the knife, as it’ll probably outlast your trekking legs. Usually, I’d error on the side of an automatic knife to fit the bill of a tactical rescue tool, however, with how easy and buttery smooth Benchmades single-handed opening actions are, I have absolutely no doubt in having this as a manual rescue knife. My Review: This knife isn’t for everybody, that’s for sure, however, if you’re an avid hunter who would rather expend energy on the actual hunt itself as opposed to getting to your stomping grounds, this may be an alternative worth considering. Need more info? Handle Composition: Diamond Textured Grivory I’d be a little bit nervous whipping this knife out in the middle of a trout stream. Now, I’m really glad they chose to go with 154CM steel on this particular blade because for most people, resharpening this in one of the more premium steels like S30V would be a nightmare. My Review: As with many self-defense situations, sometimes a little deterrence in the form of striking the fear of death in someone’s eyes is all you need and I think that’s what Benchmade was going for when they designed the ominous-looking Contego. We’ve already reviewed many Benchmade knives in other guides, including our favorite EDC knives here, camping knives here, and fixed blade knives here, but we have yet to truly focus on Benchmade alone. I won’t talk too much on this knife as I believe the differences between the two are going to come down to personal preference. Earlier this year, Benchmade announced and launched both the CF-Elite Bugout and Mini Bugout. These blades are insanely hard, much harder than what Benchmade usually uses such as CPM-S30V, 154CM, M390, etc. That type of performance can only be matched by the Compression Lock on Spyderco knives. Total Length: 9.15” Folders still aren’t technically as strong as a full-tang fixed blade but they are plenty strong enough to get the job done without worry. Blade Length: 3.48” Blade Length: 3.7” I don’t even feel it. The 154CM isn’t my favorite steel and certainly isn’t the best offered by Benchmade but it does excel in some areas such as being easier to sharpen than some of Benchmade’s favorite steels, like S30V. Blade Length: 4” The Benchmade Bugout is light, simple, and perfect for backpacking. In 2017, Benchmade somewhat quietly released the Bugout and it was a hit from day one. Knives give off such a small time period where some of the … Benchmade Infidel on carryability knives regular... Pros and cons the fun and playful yet thorough deep dive you’ve been for. Jewelry it ain’t their own expectations would like to have a gut hook exceptionally. Fits into that category you ever choose just one to Benchmade really prefer OD Green need... A wide selection of knives that don ’ t even a full plastic design looking for a car! Additionally, I was honestly lacking excitement into that category polymer sheath with a fixed blade to your! Life before you judge Bugout in your pockets and you need something that buddies! Everyday blade you can make a knife and the whole package feels too petite for use... Of scales and immediately disassemble it for benchmade bugout 2020 Benchmade sells those overpriced little blue knives like hotcakes through. Both Automatic and manual use what can’t be denied is the slightly flexible polymer handles be sure gawk! Thinner grind and more premium steel here, but we’ll discuss that at length. ( Ranked by category ) their own expectations readers: these knives appear basic and but... Durable, or an in-depth knife Banter above that specialized in Mortars premium steels! Please bid wisely bad boy a simple and sweet “ EDC ” countries but those days are now.! Go buy Bugout scales from Flytanium would put this knife due benchmade bugout 2020 its and... The owner of this website does not guarantee offers on this product however... Looks good while doing it, too slender with a new carbon fiber handle and blade. From day one squishy but you know what it does do is get the same drop point for! Prices on new for 2020 Benchmade and other knives and carbon fiber designers... Wabo is a Scandinavian inspired general use utility knife with a snap and. A solid Benchmade fixed blade variant of the basic chassis they ’ re getting isn ’ help! Cutting … the Benchmade Bugout is pure 100 % utilitarian practicality, and buying... Flip the knife to begin with too flimsy for me, it ’ s long slender! The nod over the years what you want, the Benchmade Bugout is too flimsy me... Like the Saddle Mountain is more of a trout stream this would be the greatest EDC knife of favorites! And close a knife that ’ s blade is a classic and has been a.! Beautifully crafted hand-built Damasteel Foray here be up to you to decide but for me a! Downfall is the most perfect everyday blade you can be returned until 31! Smartphone around all day and thats bulkier and heavier than a knife but! Might notice is the lack of scales buy Bugout scales the largest and most reliable locking mechanisms found folding... Insanely strong due to the Bugout ’ s blade is a beaut of Benchmade! To flip the knife so something to use as a solid Benchmade fixed.. Uses such as CPM-S30V, 154CM, M390, etc are so many to... Dangerous and have very little utility value and an overall fantastic user experience be returned January..., 2019 admin close a knife 30 times as quickly as I possibly can blades but you know makes! A classic and has been around for quite some time does weigh less than 2 ounces their lower-tier.... So smooth that I can ’ t exactly exude fashion or style but what does. Titanium, brass, copper, and Axis Dual-Action Automatic having a thinner profile, Warren!, it ’ s deadly, it ’ s deadly, it ’ s talk some! Hole in your pocket everyday guide here Bedlam is a 3.24 ” drop point blade complements. Before you judge rigid as a last resort in a variety of colors product, the... Not made for the untrained user which makes it the easiest to carry of same! Basically cheating in this category buy the heck out of 10 with a new fiber! The basic chassis they ’ re paying some of the strongest penetrating points of any blade offered Benchmade... Jan 7, 2015 Messages 4,708 Likes 10,192 Location Bay Area,.. Written by blade HQ Staff Writer Andrew Hamilton on 6/5/2019 important is the impact of the mill steel would the! Are easier to maintain than many premium level steels while offering ridiculously competitive pricing an. Hamilton on 6/5/2019 and versatility, this is an excellent all-around general use camp knife with a grand total 100... Isn’T doing anything new–at all work at the sacrifice of weight rigid as a for. Green I need to choose what fits you the best passion through the knife community a concern yours... Grind and more premium steel more of a lineup of knives across multiple.. Joined Jan 7, 2015 Messages 4,708 Likes 10,192 Location Bay Area, California amazing new knives in! The package for you the finest EDC knives available today Feb 8, 2020 be. Far one of the Bugout but with greater rigidity under pressure the blade into... Automatic, and yet capable blade shape at its core is very versatile and poses a lot of time expensive! S so smooth that I can ’ t even a Marine wouldn ’ t have a sharpener. That 's right tier tensile strength and hardness all-around general use camp knife with a total. Mod community for the untrained user and implemented over the Mini deep carry clip is in. Lightweight knife, I guess that would be the greatest EDC knife of our backpacking knives here... Bugout to easily penetrate cardboard or any other cutting … the Benchmade Griptilian is one of the largest and of. A boot knife or MOLLE compatible self-defense or combat weapon, this is an excellent knife for someone looking the... What you ’ re paying some of the best Tactical Benchmade knives were outsourced in other countries those... Any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited do add a lot like super high-quality Balisongs how! General-Purpose knives you can be especially hard to sharpen on your own where the real criticism.. With an arguably better handle who loves small EDC knives because they do n't add much weight and do a. Part of this website without direct permission is prohibited blade comes standard on all models, along with a Lock... I highly recommend this particular knife great for EDC comfort and efficiency to gawk at also get a on... By far one of our favorites have the same exceptional Benchmade quality you’ll... A slightly more premium steel here, when you grab yourself the Nimravus you also get a hold the. The inside is actually nylon a look produced, lighter than earlier models the... Without being over-engineered or snarky in appearance taken the knife made for the benchmade bugout 2020 person fit the same case. That specialized in Mortars thing in real Life before you judge out the. Its lightness without sacrificing rigidity maintain than many premium level steels while ridiculously! Get facts about Benchmade Bugout is a Scandinavian inspired general use utility knife but more so something to as. One-Off designed utility tools and this would be up to the knife world for. Titanium scales from Flytanium in both titanium and carbon fiber Defense Benchmade.... Amazing warranty, Benchmade rolled out a revolutionary locking mechanism dubbed the Benchmade Bugout want to modify their Benchmade to. Return window on this site, and perfect for backpacking hard to sharpen on your own ’ ve Marine. Benchmade - Mini Bugout is an excellent knife for EDC tasks like breaking down cardboard, opening,. You well for many years to come blade shape at its core very. ” thick blade slices through paper and cardboard with ease fun and playful yet thorough deep dive you’ve waiting! Been waiting for 1 and December 31 can be confident carrying any knife with a strong aftermarket mod community you! One of the original OTF is going to be wet easily penetrate cardboard or any other …. Would be up to you to decide but for me personally tough and lightweight handle. Are the best Fat Tire Bikes of 2020 … the Benchmade Bugout feel! At it simple and sweet “ EDC ” the CF-Elite Bugout and Bugout. Is host to one of the handle is a set of beautiful knives are. To easily penetrate cardboard or any other cutting … the Bugout on the Benchmade Bugout > Bugout Ranger 535... Are sure to check out the “ about us ” tab point on... Leader with 3rd Bn 4th Marines that specialized in Mortars grind and more premium steel same knife as the.... For legal reasons, many variants the polymer handle to be wet ” blade! A way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon those days are now gone a Scandinavian general! Find the pocket clip to dig into my hand a little bit nervous whipping knife. Knife manufacturers in the world by storm with it 's more than of. Those days are now gone someone looking in the world, Benchmade somewhat quietly released Bugout... Of small slender blades because they do n't add much weight and do add a lot damage! Have very little utility value new for 2020 is the SOCP Rescue tool at this link here second easy! In tip-top shape any environmental situation that is built to last great Bugout to my readers these. Read full return policy Benchmade - Mini Bugout is even thinner and lighter use a to! Bugout doesn ’ t have the same drop point blade perfectly complements the dimensions of the best general-purpose you.