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› Who we are ?

In 2004, France-Consultants, one of the leaders in business consulting in France, creates a Web-marketing branch to consult businesses for their advertising by ensuring visibility and reputation on the net.

In 2006, this branch founds its own agency, Netposition SARL. Its founder, Levi Samama, wants to offer its customers unique referencing options.

The team has brought on PPC professionals, Google experts , creative designers, webmasters and web-marketers.

The international group now has a team of more than 200 multilingual consultants who, after increased testing , have become certified experts in the media. Their goal: To focus on counsulting and personalized follow-up in order to give you better visibility and tangible results on the net. (See also www.netposition-international.com)

Due to the increased demand of our American Customers, in 2012, we are pleased to announce the creation of Netposition-UK which will satisfy this demand.



› What we do ?

  • - Netposition-UK is now ranked among the best performing in its sector in terms of positioning in the sponsored links on Google and Bing.

  • - Our unique solutions are regularly upgraded through our experts' advice. The unique "Duo Solution" is a great proof of it.

  • - Nearly a thousand active and satisfied customers internationally, from small businesses to multinationals.
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  • - Certification "Google Adwords Partner" (a must to guarantee you the best result).

  • - Complete Expertise for the Webchannels and for any services in webmarketing.

  • - The agency is constantly monitoring market trends and regularly develops new areas of expertise, such as social media or mobile web.


8 in 1 services for Google marketing campaigns :

- Strategic Consulting - Statistical Study
- Marketing Process - Express Positionning by our experts
- Research & Development - Audit of traffic and RO
- Follow-up position - Behavioral Study


› Why we do it ?

  • - Provide powerful and efficient solutions to the level of the best advertising agencies, adapted for lower budgets, simply presented and with a complete cost transparency.

  • Accessibility for all types of budgets over the short or long term.

  • - Our experience has proven our performance to support in a very active way the increasing evolution of established businesses and start-ups early in their web development.


› Why Choose Us?

1. You are assisted by the best experts on Google, Bing and Facebook to ensure your complete success in the media. Our experts and consultants regularly attend high level training to control and update their knowledge.

2. Your contracts are usually accompanied by guarantees and insurance results. We understand that our customers want to pay for the result and it is in that direction that we prepare our offers.

3. Marketing expenses remain under control with Netposition-UK. Your budgets are divided in different marketing materials and capped. No surprises at the end of the month!!!

4. Netposition-UK is the first agency in the world to take risks for you and insure you the "unlimited clicks" in sponsored links section on Google and Bing. This is done to ensure visibility and position on search engines. Our DUO solution is a clear proof of our investment in your success.

5. Before subscribing to our services, our experts ensure the expected profitability of your investment.

6. Netposition-UK is "Google Analytics Consultant" and "Google Adwords Partner" certified. Those are essential tools to ensure an accurate analysis of your results on search engines and to study the behavior of your customers on your website.

7. Implementation of conversion tools that are essential for your ROI-Driven Campaign, CPA-Driven Campaign or your Click-Driven Campaign.

8.Experts and consultants are all real Human Marketers! All marketing tools are now available to distribute banner ads on thousands of sites (including Facebook), optimize your SEO campaigns, send millions of emails or to give you advise on strategic internet partnerships .

9. Outstanding customer service from of our agents and satisfaction rate per customer exceeding 90%.

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