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Before signing my contract with Netposition-UK

  • - Will I pay Google for any clicks in addition to my insurance contract with Netposition UK?

    No. The clicks are included in your contract with Netposition UK.
    The insurance from Netposition-UK includes unlimited clicks that your ads could generate. However, the DUO solution is giving you an option to add the management of your existing or future PPC Campaign for FREE when you subscribe to an equivalent Insurance.
  • - How can you insure unlimited clicks if my budget is exhausted?

    This is exactly the innovation of Netposition-International. You buy an insurance for positioning and Netposition takes care of the rest to activate your ad in the first page 24/7, with minimum visibility of 90% of the time with unlimited clicks. It means that even if your clicks exceed your estimated budget, Netposition will cover and pay for the extra clicks, leaving your ad positioned.
  • - How can I make sure my insured position is well respected?

    We understand that you can not spend your time searching on Google to make sure you are present. For this reason, we have implemented a quality control department, your indisputable guarantee for your unlimited positioning.
    However, Netposition will send you an updated Google report with the average position of your ads.
  • - How do you position a number of clients with the same keywords?

    Depending on the chosen insurance , the number of positions on Google are limited. This is also the case for the quota of advertisers for which Netposition-UK is committed. We reserve the right to reject certain keywords if the quota of advertisers in Netposition-UK has been reached.
  • - Can my ad disappear from Google?

    Unless exceptional* cases, your ad on Google is always present according to the chosen insurance. The minimum display rate of impressions provided by Netposition is 90% of the time (or else, as indicated on you contract). This means that even if your ad is not present, it can not last more than 10% of the time during any given day (on average).
    And if it does, we will be happy to offer you 200% of the lost impressions if you were not in the first page at our own costs. That's our Guarantee !!!
    * The rules of advertising can also change at any time. Netposition-UK can not be held liable for breaking a campaign with Google, if the site or the ad in question no longer complies with Google's rules.
  • - Can I reserve my position over several years in advance?

    No. The duration of our contracts is 12 months maximum. Netposition-UK does not want to commit to a fixed rate over 12 months given the steady evolution of the markets on the web that affects the price of advertising on-line.
    The rules of advertising can also change at any time. Netposition-UK can not be held liable for breaking a campaign by Google if the site or the ad in question no longer complies with Google's rules.
  • - How can I track the results of my Google campaign?

    For full transparency, Netposition will send you updated Google reports with authentic statistics of your campaign. In addition to that and to simplify tracking your live results, we can provide you with a Google Analytics account for 350$ (Our cost).
  • - What is the difference between SEO vs. PPC campaign?

    Sponsored Links are either on the top of the first page (in the place reserved for sponsored links) or the right column of the page, while SEO Links can be placed on the center page of Google.
    There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of referencing.

    A. Sponsored links or PPC
    - The first page can be reached on most keywords.
    - The effect is almost immediate (most of the time with our Experts, within the hour)

    - You pay each time someone clicks on your website via your ads unless you subscribe to a Netposition Insurance.

    B. SEO Campaigns
    - There is no cost per click, you do not pay for your visitors.

    - Actions to be taken are numerous, both technical (work on the code of the page), publishing (work on the content of the page) and marketing (links exchanges).
    - The results cannot be guaranteed. Being in the first page on competitive keywords is becoming more difficult: there are only ten places in the first page.
    - Improved positioning may take several weeks even months.

After signing my contract with Netposition-UK

  • - I just sent my order, how long does it take to be online?

    Depending of your payment's method, our experts will put your site on Google within the hour (if paid by Creditcard and subject to Google's acceptance) and within 24 hours (after receipt of payment for any payment by check, wire transfer or ACH and subject to Google's acceptance).
    Note that our experts can refuse your ads, keywords, or site within 72 hours after they are posted if they encounter a major problem in relation to Google's regulations (quality rate, trademarks, level of research too low).
  • - It's been one hour since I paid my order by credit card but I'm still not on Google.

    Please wait a little longer and check again in your emailbox if the confirmation from our experts has not arrived. Please note that during the first 5 days of the campaign, it undergoes multiple optimizations in experts' cell .
    Therefore, your ad can disappear at certain times and your location may not be correct.
    Please note that in this period of 5 first days, no claims will be accepted by our experts team.
  • - After how long will my ad be correctly positioned?

    Within 5 days of being online, your ad should be activated. This can also be done within the early hours.
    Note that for some campaigns (due to strong competition or other technical specifications), the period of 5 days may be exceeded. We rely on your patience in advance but feel free to contact our experts after the first 5 days, if your position is not satisfactory.
  • - I'm looking on Google but I don't find my ad in the first page.

    First, be sure to look for the keywords that are included in your contract. Then, make sure you are on the correct site of Google (i.e google.com).
    If, despite this, you can not find your ad, empty your temporary files and cookies, go to www.google.com and perform a new search.
    If you still have any problems, please take screenshots of your unsuccessful searches and email them to our experts. Please Note that your ad will not be static on Google, that's because for any reason an ad can disappear for few seconds. This is why our insurance cannot cover 100% of the time and also, exceptionnally, your ad could disappear. However, on the reports you will be getting from our experts, you will see that our 90% mark was respected.
  • - I'm looking on Google but I don't find my ad. "Regional or Statewide Campaigns"

    First, be sure to look for keywords that are included in your contract. Then, make sure you are on the correct site of Google (i.e google.com). When searching, you must be in the geographic area targeted in your campaign. If, despite this, you can not find your ad, empty your temporary files and cookies, go to www.google.com and perform a new search.
    If you can not find your ad, make sure your IP address indicates that you are in the geographical location of your search. To verify this, just look at the Google ads (sponsored links) in the first or second page and look under some Google ads where the regional targeting is indicated if the region corresponds to yours.
    If you notice that your IP address indicates a wrong region to Google, then this is why your ad is not displayed on your screen. Try to update your IP address or contact your network to solve the problem.
  • - I'm looking on Google but I'm not in the positions provided on my contract.

    Note that the insurances of positions are "average". The average is based on all the views (impressions) of the ads on the targeted area. Suffice to say that an announcement may appear in position 2 in New York, in position 4 in Los Angeles and in position 3 in Miami, then the average will be closer to "3".
    Also note that the average is calculated on all the displays on a daily basis. An announcement may be found for a few minutes in the day in position 4 but 90% of the time in position 1 or 2, the average will be closer to 2.
    However, if you notice that your ad is too often in a bad position, please send your statements to our experts that will conduct the necessary investigations.
  • - Every time I search on Google, I find my ad in a different position. Is it normal?

    Indeed, the ads on Google are not static and change positions all the time.
    Netposition-UK ensures an average position on all your ads. Refer to the previous question for more explanations on the average position.
  • - I noticed a drop in clicks on my website?

    A drop in traffic to your website may be the result of several parameters such as: the seasons, market growth, trends in research, online competitors, the relevance of your ad or the phenomenon of CTR (click through rates). We advise you to study and analyze precisely the cause of the decrease in traffic on your statements or your analytics reports before contacting our experts to conduct thorough investigations on your behalf.
    Please note that Netposition-UK does not guarantee a minimum of clicks. We can not be held responsible for a decrease in traffic on your website.
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