Netposition-UK redefines your PPC Campaigns with a revolutionary insurance that enables you to have the best of "both worlds"

duo solution by netposition

Important Branding

100% of the companies that are successful on the web are permanently positioned on Google. But not everyone can afford to pay for this service.

Today, YOU can also be part of this success by getting an insurance with Netposition that ensures your position in the first page and an average rate of minimum visibility, while ONLY paying a flat monthly fee and getting unlimited clicks. If the number of clicks would skyrocket at anytime during your campaign, your ads will not disappear and new business will keep rolling in for a flat fee.

And if they have disappeared over the rate allowed in your contract, the difference will be refunded and doubled! That's an insurance!

PPC Campaign Management

As a Qualified Google Advertising Professional, Netposition-UK Experts delete non-performing keywords, add new ones, write new text ads, optimize and analyse your results and give you the content and source code for placement on your website to keep your quality score high and searches relevant.

All of this, saves you thousands of dollars.
At Netposition-UK, we make sure your PPC campaigns stay optimized to get you the highest conversions possible for your market. We will manage, review and analyze your current Google Adwords Campaign, then we will develop new targeted list of keywords, and finally we will tweak and adjust your PPC campaign, test keywords and ads to achieve maximum profitability and traffic.

This service is totally FREE when included in the "Duo solution" (limited to the amount of the insurance. Otherwise the service is charged 20% of your Campaign's monthly cost).

Average position insurance

Although you have a fantastic, highly optimized pay per click campaign set up you have only one thing that matters to you now: You want to make sure that your ad is still there...

Most of PPC campaigns are present less than 30% of the time on Google. Not surprising that you are worrying about your presence. Now with this insurance, we take care 24/7 of your presence on Google and if your % of presence is less than subscribed, Netposition-UK gives you 200% back of lost impressions.
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