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  • Phone doesn't stop ringing!

    Berlitz Guys, you are awesome! Phone just doesn't stop ringing! It is ten times better than any other form of advertising I use and I tried everything, from bench advertising to buying time on TV! Thank you, now I know what "online marketing" means, too.
  • Schmid et Kahlert
    #1 on Google in 30 days!

    "Before starting with Netposition, nobody came to our website. I run a local business and wasn't sure Internet marketing made sense for us. After working with Netposition for six months, business has doubled."
  • Finotec Looking for instant business? Netposition will get it. About 20% of our business comes directly from Netposition advertising. These are the "instant gratification" type customers. These people see a need; jump on google and schedule something...>
  • Leonidas
    ..Great job, keep it up!

    I have been with Netposition for a year now and I find them very professional and they deliver what they promise.
    I would personally recommend Netposition to anyone who is looking to do business via the internet. I'm currently running sponsored links, Google Local listings, and SEO services with Netposition. Great job and keep up your excellent service!
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